To date, I have authored and co-authored more than 60 publications, 10 of which are first-author. You can check out my full record on ADS. First, second and third author publications follow:

First author publications:

  1. HD 213885b: A transiting 1-day-period super-Earth with an Earth-like composition around a bright (V=7.9) star unveiled by TESS, Espinoza et al. 2019, MNRAS (under review).
  2. Juliet: a versatile modelling tool for transiting and non-transiting exoplanetary systems, Espinoza, Kossakowski, Brahm, 2018, MNRAS (under review).
  3. HATS-54b-HATS-58Ab: five new transiting hot Jupiters including one with a possible temperate companion, Espinoza et al., 2018, AJ (under review).
  4. Efficient Joint Sampling of Impact Parameters and Transit Depths in Transiting Exoplanet Light Curves, Espinoza, 2018, RNAAS, 2, 4.
  5. ACCESS: A featureless optical transmission spectrum for WASP-19b from Magellan/IMACS, Espinoza et al., 2018, MNRAS, in press.
  6. Metal enrichment leads to low atmospheric C/O ratios in transiting giant exoplanets, Espinoza et al., 2017, ApJL, 838, L9.
  7. K2-113b: A dense hot-Jupiter transiting a solar analogue, Espinoza et al., 2017, MNRAS, 471, 4374.
  8. HATS-25b through HATS-30b: A Half-dozen New Inflated Transiting Hot Jupiters from the HATSouth Survey, Espinoza et al., 2016, AJ, 152, 108.
  9. Discovery and Validation of a High-Density sub-Neptune from the K2 Mission, Espinoza et al., 2016, ApJ, 830, 43.
  10. Limb darkening and exoplanets - II. Choosing the best law for optimal retrieval of transit parameters, Espinoza & Jordán, 2016, MNRAS, 457, 3573.
  11. Limb darkening and exoplanets: testing stellar model atmospheres and identifying biases in transit parameters, Espinoza & Jordán, 2015, MNRAS, 450, 1879.

Second and third author publications:

  1. HD2685 b: A Hot-Jupiter orbiting an early F-type star detected by TESS, Jones, Brahm, Espinoza, et al., 2018, A&A (under review).
  2. HD 1397b: a transiting warm giant planet orbiting a V = 7.8 mag sub-giant star discovered by TESS, Brahm, Espinoza, et al., 2018, MNRAS (under review).
  3. An Alternative Derivation of the Analytic Expression of Transmission Spectra, Jordán & Espinoza, 2018, RNAAS, 2, 3.
  4. EPIC 249451861b: an Eccentric Warm Saturn transiting a G-dwarfJordán, Brahm, Espinoza et al., AJ, in press.
  5. "K2-161b: A low density Super Neptune on an eccentric orbit, Brahm, Espinoza et al., 2018, MNRAS, in press.
  6. K2-232 b: a transiting warm Saturn on an eccentric P = 11.2 d orbit around a V = 9.9 star, Brahm, Espinoza et al., 2018, MNRAS, 477, 2572.
  7. K2-140b - an eccentric 6.57 d transiting hot Jupiter in Virgo, Giles, Bayliss, Espinoza et al., 2018, MNRAS, 475, 1809.
  8. A hot Saturn on an eccentric orbit around the giant star K2-132, Jones, Brahm, Espinoza et al., 2018, A&A, 613, 76.
  9. ACCESS I: An Optical Transmission Spectrum of GJ 1214b Reveals a Heterogeneous Stellar Photosphere, Rackham, Espinoza et al., 2017, ApJ, 834, 151.
  10. CERES: A Set of Automated Routines for Echelle Spectra, Brahm, Jordán, Espinoza, 2017, PASP, 129, 4002.
  11. An independent discovery of two hot Jupiters from the K2 mission, Brahm, Jones, Espinoza, et al., 2016, PASP, 128, 4402.
  12. A Ground-based Optical Transmission Spectrum of WASP-6b, Jordán, Espinoza et al., 2013, ApJ, 778, 184.